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Medical News

Blocking Serotonin in Gut Reverses Osteoporosis in Mice
Once daily treatment with a novel serotonin inhibitor prevented development of osteoporosis and also fully reversed existing low bone mass in mice, according Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD, of Columbia University in New York City, and colleagues.
Source: MedPage Today

Lighter Sedation For Elderly During Surgery May Reduce Risk Of Confusion, Disorientation After
A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests that simply limiting the depth of sedation during procedures could safely cut the risk of postoperative delirium by 50 percent.
Source: Medical News Today

Artificial bone grafts made from rattan wood
Scientists in Italy have discovered a new way to make artificial bone from rattan canes in only ten days. Currently being tested in sheep, the artificial bone is able to load bear and shows no sign of rejection. This artificial bone could one day replace metal rods and ceramic plates in bones destroyed by trauma or disease.
Source: BBC News

Patient Resources

Promising Probiotic Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Bacteria that produce compounds to reduce inflammation and strengthen host defences could be used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Such probiotic microbes could be the most successful treatment for IBD to date, as explained in a review published in the February issue of the Journal of Medical Microbiology.
Source: ScienceDaily

Wii board helps physios strike a balance after strokes
Ross Clark and his team from the University of Melbourne have discovered that the Wii Fit's balance board is accurate enough to help people relearn to stand after suffering a stroke.
Source: NewScientist

Same Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure With Low-Carb Diet
A new study compared a low-carbohydrate diet with a low-fat diet in combination with the weight-loss drug Orlistat. Both methods produced significant weight loss over a one-year period. Interestingly however, the low-carb diet also improved blood pressure.
Source: BBC News

Did You Know?

Finding a bathroom in Canada
The Powder Room in an online community for people with overactive bladder. Their cross Canada map of user reviewed bathrooms is useful not only for OAB patients, but for anyone with bowel diseases as well.
Source: Powder Room

Practice Management Tips

Making the Move to Electronic Records Using Fields of Code Medical 2.0.

In a recent Medscape article, attorney Carolyn Buppert discussed 18 ways to reduce your legal risks when transitioning to electronic medical records (EMR). In the article she states¹ that "Ideally, all of these (EMR) components interact and mesh with the others, and the components must be designed in such a way that patients' privacy is protected."

Fields of Code Medical 2.0 provides a single, easy to use interconnected program workflow. As well, data encryption is automatic to protect your patient’s privacy and their identity. Fields of Code encrypts data in the database, backup files and during data transit. To protect patient data from unauthorized access or accidental deletion Fields of Code has detailed user permissions.

Our team has prepared a new video tutorial introducing this user permission feature. To see this feature in action, check out the Fields of Code Library. Scroll to the Reporting section and look for the following video ID: C86E.

All of our tutorials are free. To view them you are only required to complete a free, one-time registration.
Source: Fields of Code Library


1. Carolyn Buppert
    Electronic Medical Records: 18 Ways to Reduce Legal Risks: Risks of Transition to Electronic Medical Records

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