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Dental News

Quality of Life in Patients with Oral Lichen Planus
There is controversy in the literature as to carcinogenicity of OLP lesions. There are several long-term prospective studies that show a malignant transformation rate of 1% over a mean period of 5 years...
Source: Wiley Online Library

Post-and-Cores: Past to Present
Today, the clinician can choose from a variety of post-and-core systems for different endodontic and restorative requirements. These systems and methods are well-documented in the literature. However, no single system provides the perfect restorative solution for every clinical circumstance, and each situation requires an individual evaluation.
Source: Dentistry Today

Self-Ligation Esthetic Brackets with Low Frictional Resistance
The ISL brackets generally exhibited the lowest frictional forces irrespective of the bracket material and the wire size, and CL brackets exhibited consistently higher frictional forces. Mystique with Neo Clip produced the lowest frictional resistance of all brackets. The In-Ovation-C brackets demonstrated significantly lower frictional resistance than the SL brackets In-Ovation-R and Damon 3 as well as the CL brackets Clarity and Ovation.
Source: The Online Angle Orthodontists

Patient Resources

Free Dental Work Offered for Needy Uninsured
Free Dental Work Report — Dozens Take Advantage Of Free Dental Work Day In Fairmont. Health care program aims to cover uninsured children. Kohl’s To Present $45,803 To Children’s Hospital. Panabo gives 1st free dental work services to city hall employees. Discount Dental Work for Families Who Qualify.
Source: Dental Health Magazine

For Most, Implants Beat Dentures, but at a Price
MARK PANKO still gets riled when he recalls the two years he suffered with traditional dentures. “They fell out when I talked,” Mr. Panko, 56, a small-business owner in Woodridge, Ill., recalled. “I couldn’t taste my food — in fact, I could hardly chew. It was the most miserable time of my entire life.”
Source: The New York Times

Hope for health-care reform
The Saskatchewan government announced this week that it will be contracting out dental and knee surgery to a private surgical facility
Source: National Post

Did You Know?

Acute Antimicrobial Pesticide-Related Illnesses Among Workers in Health-Care Facilities

The CDC analyzed data from antimicrobial pesticides poisoning (sterilizers, disinfectants, and sanitizers) surveillance programs in California, Louisiana, Michigan, and Texas (the only four states that regularly collect data on antimicrobial pesticide-related illness) for the period 2002-2007. It identified 401 cases of work-related illness in various health-care facilities. Read more to find out how dental clinics hold up in this occupational exposure analysis and how health-care facilities should educate workers about hazards, promote the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and prevent bystander exposure.

Practice Management Tips

Why Restrict User Rights to Editing Reports?

In certain cases, you will want to restrict access to some users’ abilities to edit reports. Reports are the means through which your clinic is interfacing with patients, colleagues and government. Undoubtedly, the appearance of your reports is similar to the façade of the building in which you reside. It reflects on your professionalism, and you want to keep it in the best possible shape.

When designing reports, a lot of work goes into selecting the logo, the right colors and fonts. Good designers will provide consistency throughout all reports, and prove attention to detail.

Reports in Fields of Code incorporate a lot of flexibility. This also makes it easy for users to change reports quickly. If you want to guarantee reports are being used correctly, in sync with the original designs, users’ capabilities to experiment with the finished reports need to be limited. This is easily achieved in all Fields of Code EMR editions by removing the edit permission in any selected user profile. It is as simple as selecting a checkbox. You can choose to restrict these rights temporarily, or permanently after reports were completed and ensure there are no surprises on the final printouts.

To find out how to remove the above edit report permission from a user profile, watch the “User permissions for Reporting” tutorial on our website: Fields of Code Library. For a quick find, look for the following ID: C86E. All of our tutorials are at no cost. New users are asked to complete a short, free, one-time registration.
Source: Fields of Code Library


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