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Dental News

Plasma jets could replace dental drills
Stefan Rupf, an assistant professor of dentistry at Saarland University in Germany has found that cold beam plasma effectively kills bacteria on dentin - potentially providing a new, less invasive tool for clinicians.
Source: MS NBC

First Oral Bacteria Found Linking a Mother and Her Stillborn Baby
Yiping Han, a researcher from Department of Periodontics at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, reports the first documented link between a mother with pregnancy-associated gum disease to the death of her fetus.
Source: ScienceDaily

Saliva markers for pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer has no method for early detection, and so typically presents as an incurable disease. Researchers have now successfully linked salivary biomarkers to the presence of early stage pancreatic cancer - paving the way for early detection and a possible cure.
Source: Science Direct

Patient Resources

How to spot dental trouble
The Canadian Dental Association lists the seven warning signs that should lead you to book a visit with your dentist.
Source: Canadian Dental Association

Dental Enamel: Ways to Give it a Boost
Tooth enamel is tough, harder even than skeletal bone. But even with good dental hygiene, the enamel protecting teeth may show signs of decay in older adults. The Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers what to look out for and what to do to promote an enamel-friendly setting in the mouth.
Source: Mayo Clinic

What is oral thrush in adults?
Those white patches on your tongue or inner cheeks could be a fungal infection known as thrush.  
Source: Medical News Today

Did You Know?

On Feb. 18th GlaxoSmithKline announced on its website that it has voluntarily stopped manufacturing and distributing its zinc-containing denture creams because the company is concerned about "potential health risks associated with long-term excessive use of zinc-containing denture adhesives." The products affected are Super Poligrip Original, Super Poligrip Ultra Fresh and Super Poligrip Extra Care.

Read their press release here

Practice Management Tips

Easily remind patients of their next appointment using Fields of Code Dental 2.0

Patients who fail to attend appointments can be costly and disruptive for a dental practice. Ensure that your patients are properly informed about their appointment schedule and the office procedures for changing or cancelling their appointment by creating a custom appointment reminder. Our team has prepared a new video tutorial describing the creation of a simple appointment reminder with Fields of Code Dental 2.0.

To see this feature in action, check out the Fields of Code Library, scroll to the Reporting section and look for the following video ID: IA89.

All of our tutorials are free. To view them you are only required to complete a free, one-time registration.
Source: Fields of Code Library

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