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Dental News

International Team Sequences Genome of Cavity-Causing Bacteria
An international group of researchers has sequenced and characterized the genome of a cavity-causing bacterial species called Bifidobacterium dentium, identifying key features that have helped the bug become a tooth decay specialist.
Source: GenomeWeb

Gum disease strong predictor for Type 2 diabetes
Almost all individuals with gum disease are significantly at risk for Type 2 diabetes, say researchers. In light of these findings, the dental visit could be a useful opportunity to conduct an initial diabetes screening.
Source: MedWire News

Dental Care Coverage and Retirement
For baby boomers, their ability to pay for dental care may actually be decreasing as a result of retirement and the loss of employer-sponsored dental coverage. Although publically sponsored Medicare is available to retirees, it rarely covers dental care.
Source: Wiley InterScience

Patient Resources

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body? The Impact of Teeth, Breath, and Gum Problems
Many studies have found an association between gum disease and other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even dementia. Keeping your mouth healthy can minimize these risks.
Source: WebMD

Should I or Shouldn’t I Whiten My Teeth?
"Suddenly my perfectly normal and healthy middle-aged teeth seemed like rodent teeth.” Karen Gardner discusses why for her whitening isn't just about caring for your teeth: it's about feeling your best and living life accordingly.
Source: RTN

Pets need dental care in all life stages
Just like you, your pet cat or dog requires proper dental care to enjoy a long healthy life. Professional cleaning after the age of 2, as well as daily cleaning with proper food and chewing devices, will keep your pet happy and healthy.
Source: Idaho Statesman

Did You Know?

Did you know you are being reviewed by your patients? There are several websites dedicated to reviewing and rating health care professionals. Some of these sites have relatively high traffic, which indicate that technically savvy patients are frequent visitors. One such example is, our team has found a fair number of local dentists rated on this website.

Practice Management Tips

Store and Annotate Patient X-Rays and Intra-Oral Images Using Fields of Code Dental 2.0

Our team has prepared two new video tutorials describing the management of x-rays and intra-orals with Fields of Code Dental 2.0. This feature allows you to import any picture captured by your imaging device from your local or network drive to Fields of Code Dental 2.0. All you need is the location of the image, and you are on your way. Start by opening the Patient document, and then select the Chart page. You can assign the image to one or to several selected teeth. Or you can assign an image to the entire mouth as a panoramic.

Once the images are added, you can rotate them, zoom, and select from a number of annotation shapes and orientations allowing you to pinpoint problem areas when applicable. Each annotation can have its own identifying color, shape and font.

Images you have imported to the Patient Chart can be easily printed with a single mouse click. You can print the x-ray or intra-oral with or without the annotations, depending on whether the printout is for your patient or a specialist referral.

If you want to see these features in action, check out the Fields of Code Library, scroll to the Reporting section and look for the following video IDs: NI4A and NI4B.

All of our tutorials are free. To view them you are only required to complete a free, one-time registration.
Source: Fields of Code Library

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