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Rules and Regulations


ADA and Other Groups Petition Against FTC "Red Flags" Rule
The purpose of the "Red Flags" rule in the US is to ensure the protection of patient private information. Interest is driven by the massive number of identity thefts that occur in the US, close to 9 million cases yearly. While for the time being the FTC has delayed the enforcement deadline to June 1, 2010, it is a good time to take a look at how your clinic might be affected.


Dental Radiography Equipment - Standards and Rules
Are you aware of the laws in your state or province regarding the use of dental x-ray equipment?


Needlestick Injuries Reports
Many Canadian provinces and US states have passed safety regulations which require reporting and a post-exposure protocol. Information required in a needlestick (or sharps) injury log is usually a minimum of:

  • The type and brand of device involved in the incident
  • The department or work area where the exposure incident occurred
  • An explanation of how the incident occurred


There is no shortage of best practices, rules and regulations and new legislation when it comes to health care and small businesses. This page is an aggregate of selected topics most recently discussed in our newsletters.


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